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"Our focus is to help customers/clients digitally, become successful with our premium domain names all over the world.We believe the power of a premium domain name is as big as your idea.It is bigger than the biggest mall, biggest factory & biggest country.In the online world, you expand by having a great idea with a great premium domain name.Any of our premium domain names may be free to a great idea.We love helping companies/businesses become successful with our expertise.Finally, each domain name sale helps us give back, support & build a great society to make the world a better place."
Mr. Dee Lee
Founder, CEO, Investor


Domain names are the digital/virtual real estate that helps to locate a person or company/business on the internet.Domain names are the storefront of a brands image online.A domain name is where every internet business idea starts.


Domain/Name Experts - This is a Retail/E-commerce store that is into helping business people out there find the right domain name for their company/business ideas.We're a business naming experts in this field.

Secure Socket Layer(SSL) Protection - You're protected through out the process till you're 100% satisfied with your domain name.If you want the best domain without any problem and with your peace of mind.Kindly buy our domains as we've partnered with (Escrow.com and Payoneer.com) for a smooth, secure and successful transaction online.

Transparent - We give all clients the opportunity to make an offer, payment plan & lease agreement to own a domain today.No hidden fees or added costs.You only pay for the agreed purchase price.Buy now & get FREE escrow fee! - Limited time offer! Where else would you get this kind of opportunity...?

Solution - We try to understand our clients deepest frustration to help provide the top solutions that they will need to improve their company/business to become successful.

100% Money Back Guarantee(90 Days) - If you're not satisfied with our service or any of our domain names, we're not satisfied.That's why you're 100% guaranteed of a full refund within a 90 days period, no questions asked.


Buy Now - Effective way of owning a domain name to protect your brand identity.This gives the buyer an advantage over its competitors willing to purchase the same domain name and also eliminates the risk of price rising while waiting.(Remember premium domain price is one time expense only, renewals are much less).

Make Offer - Not in agreement with the price of a domain name and want to bargain?This is your chance to make your free offer for the domain name of your choice.We're open for only serious offers.

Payment Plan - (If transaction involves a domain sale) and there's an agreed price, buyer gets to use the domain name immediately after first payment from a preferred period of (1-36 months installment).Afterwards, when all payments are made, the domain name will be transferred to buyer for full ownership.Nobody else can buy the domain name during the payment plan agreement.

Lease - (If transaction involves a domain lease only) buyer gets to use the domain name immediately after first payment of 1% of domain price, depending on the domain name and paid on a monthly basis.Nobody else can buy the domain name during the lease agreement.Take note, this option is not to fully own/acquire the domain name.


  • Escrow.com - (Accepts Credit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH, Checks, Money Orders, etc) 
  • Payoneer.com - (Accepts Credit Card, Wire Transfer, ACH, Echeck, etc)


Domain Push - After buyer makes payment to any of our partners, buyer provides us with a valid email address by creating an account with our registrar so we push the domain to buyer's account instantly for complete ownership and control.Buyer confirms acquisition before funds are released to us from our partners.

Domain Transfer - After buyer makes payment to any of our partners, we provide buyer with an authentication code for the buyer to safely put that in his/her preferred registrar account during the transfer stage for complete ownership and control.Buyer confirms acquisition before funds are released to us from our partners.


  • If for some reason we can’t transfer the domain to your account and payment has already occurred, you will receive a full refund.
  • Also, funds are not released until you're 100% satisfied with the full transfer and purchase of your domain name.
  • Again, you're 100% guaranteed of a full refund within a 90 days period, no questions asked.


  • It took Apple 16 years to acquire Apple.co.uk from a British company called Apple Illustrations.
  • In 2014, microsoft spent $2.5 billion to acquire Mojang, the Swedish company behind the popular Minecraft video game but they couldn't get the domain name MineCraft.com.Which belongs to an Australian Mining Engineering Company, MineCraft Consulting PTY LTD.
  • Nissan has spent over 20 years plus trying to purchase and acquire Nissan.com from a man named Uzi Nissan.

  1. Leadership/Global Positioning(Be on top with your exact company name)
  2. Authoritative & Trust(To have power or control over the virtual world)
  3. Effective Marketing(Increase traffic)
  4. Brand Identity & Recognition
  5. Brand Expansion(To expand a brand online)
  6. Brand Protection(If you don't own it somebody else will)
  7. Competition(To avoid any competitor)
  8. Long-Term Asset(Appreciate in value over time & can be re-sold)


  • CarInsurance.com - $49,700,000usd 
  • VacationRentals.com - $35,000,000usd 
  • 360.com - $17,000,000usd 
  • Fb.com - $8,500,000usd 
  • Diamond.com - $7,500,000usd
  • AsSeenOnTv.com - $5,100,000usd
  • MediCare.com - $4,800,000usd 
  • DataRecovery.com - $1,659,000usd 
  • MarketingToday.com - $1,500,000usd 
  • MyWorld.com - $1,200,000usd (And a lot more...)


Website Development

  1. Get a web host service for your website.(A web host will make it possible for your website to be viewed on the internet)
  2. Develop the website yourself or hire a web developer to build your website. Good Luck you're up for success.


  • There are two kinds of people on the internet.
  1. Those with brilliant ideas to make the virtual world look so easy for us all.  
  2. Also, those who are unaware of the opportunities the internet comes with.These are the kind of people who goes to the extent of abusing a valuable domain name. 

"That's why we've successfully kept, secured and mitigated the risk of you loosing the perfect domain name for your brilliant ideas.I pray and hope you stick with us to build a business together.Just know that, perfect and premium domain names are the most powerful and unique asset in the virtual world today.Think about this : What's the cost of just one brick and mortar store plus the ongoing cost ; Inventory, Lease, Multiple Locations, Electric, Insurance, Taxes, Builders, Employees, Repairs, Opening Hours(8-10 hours a day, 5 days in a week), etc..? With an online store it cost extremely less, more powerful than a brick and mortar store and represent every corner in the world plus opening hours(24 hours a day, 7 days in a week).This is where my domains come to play.All the best."


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